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My name is Matthew Hart, and I am a seasoned sales leader, entrepreneur, and mentor with experience growing revenue at BetterWorks and other startups.  A life long Bay Area resident, I love the best of the Bay and beyond. A's, Warriors, family, learning, wine, and dining.

Welcome to Matthew Hart’s Page

You’ve arrived! I am Matt Hart, and welcome to my personal blog - - designed to share more about me with content carefully curated from my experiences. Tl;dr = sales, sports, travel, family, wine, photos, and food.


Matt’s Work

From work, tales from my career in sales. I have been a passionate sales leader for start-ups and large tech companies, from Oracle to BetterWorks, and now growing revenue at a cool early stage company. I joined the founding team of BetterWorks in 2014, and led the development and growth of sales as the first sales hire on the founding team, including closing the first ten customers. I am passionate about helping companies drive results and improve operational performance through financial performance management, content collaboration, and initiatives based on enterprise engagement. I am excited to help other business leaders define the future of sales and to succeed. You’ll likely stumble upon anecdotes from my work experiences from the ‘once-in-a-lifetime,’ the tactical day-to-day, or the random ramblings about my love and quest for mastery as an enterprise sales leader. The wins, the losses, and lessons learned along the way! 


As a seasoned entrepreneurial sales executive with over a decade of experience, I have success developing, managing and closing sales-cycles with Fortune 1000 enterprises. I am happy to share my thoughts and ideas that helped me attain a consistent track record of exceeding sales quotas both as an individual contributor and team leader. Also, links to articles and books by people I look to for inspiration. If you work in a fast-paced segment and/or a highly matrixed organization, perhaps you will enjoy my experiences as a trusted senior-level manager that are sought after for SaaS platforms looking for sales mentoring. Here is my resume for reference: Matt Hart Resume 2020


Matt’s Better Works

Better than work, I love to travel, and share my experiences with family and friends. The sought after experiences traveling to a new country or continent or those that result from being a self-proclaimed expert and connoisseur of ice cream, fish tacos and wine. A recent bucket list dining experience like at Alinea or Gaggan or the most up to date progress on my goal of becoming a Certified Sommelier. 


Living in San Francisco, and travelling for work and leisure, I have many opportunities to share tales of unique experiences and fantastic meals. I have seen the Bay Area grow and change since my childhood in the East Bay. It is exciting to be located here in the heart of the cultural and technological cutting edge.


Then there is my life as a son, brother, uncle, godfather, friend, and the soon to be husband with a wedding planned for Spring 2020 in Palm Springs. 

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