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About Matt Hart


My name is Matthew Hart, and I am a Bay Area native born and raised in Pleasanton, CA. I live in San Francisco and work for an innovative tech startup that is a leader in its sphere. Professionally, my passion is leading enterprise sales and all that it entails - creative problem solving, strategic decision making, collaboration, and teamwork. I have driven sales success at small and large companies, from Oracle to BetterWorks and have been on the Faculty with the Alchemist Accelerator for over five years. 


The Hart family has deep roots in Pleasanton. My maternal Grandfather - Skip Mohatt was a beloved civics teacher and basketball coach at Amador High School for 30+ years. My paternal grandfather Thomas Hart has a local middle school named after him.  My parents live and work in town too, being involved and giving back with jobs of service to the community (police and teacher).


I attended Foothill High School, and  enjoyed the beaches of Southern California for my college at UC San Diego where I studied International Relations and Psychology.  In school I explored my interests in ‘art like’ things like: ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography. I have since evolved the hobby of taking pictures from my phone while traveling, to having a real (Sony A7) camera to take with me on my adventures. 


Though I played sports in high school, my athletic competitions are limited to golf and shooting hoops. I stay active with Soul Cycle (approaching 500th class!), yoga, strength training and running. I try to eat well too, when I am not eating too well.


While I left the restaurant industry not long after college, my love for restaurants only continued to grow. Fresh and local food can’t be beat, and on weekends I’m often creating something new after a trip to the Farmer’s Market at the SF Ferry Building. Learning how to sell and also appreciate wine during my restaurant days, I’m always looking for something new to pair with a home cooked meal. 


After doing well in a blind tasting I recently participated in, I decided to see how I would do after a weekend in the Introductory Sommelier’s Course. Relying on years of experience, I earned the Introductory Sommeliers Certification through the Court Masters of Sommeliers and will be taking the Certified Sommelier exam this summer. I am in love with wine and what it represents - family, art, social, history, memories, food.


Please get in touch, say HI, add me on social media, and enjoy my blogging. Happy to share a bit of my life here with family and friends, old and new.

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