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twenty six point two

november 7. 2021

the milestone on november 1st was 5 consecutive months of peloton and today is the 159th consecutive day. i'm going for december 1st to make it a full 6 months or half of the year, whichever way i want to look at it works and once i get there, i'm likely to set my sights on pushing through until january 17th. or 40 years old.

for the last month and mostly in my own thoughts, i've been considering running a marathon in 2022. and gradually over the last couple of weeks, i have floated the idea by a few to see if i can pull them in with me. i've never really wanted to do a marathon but i've also never not wanted to do one. i don't hate running and i don't love it. but, i do love the way i feel after running and love the feeling even more once i've built the habit. i've mostly built the habit of running, off and on, by becoming friends with a treadmill. during the peak days of covid i made the effort and, at best, was running 3 to 4 days a week, a couple of miles a day, and didn't really keep it up.

so why am i going to do a marathon? over the last month i have gone through a process of selling myself on it. if i am sold on it, i will commit to it and don't want to say i am going to do it only to not. 26.2 miles is a lot of miles to cover and you certainly can't cover it without building up to it, and you certainly won't build up to it without committing to it. in order to commit to it, you need to plan for it. i didn't run a marathon in my 30's. as i look back on the years not sure i could have - more of the mental than physical aspect of it.

my peloton streak has given me confidence that i can commit to it. the outcomes i've felt from the streak have given me confidence that i can build up to it especially since i won't be starting training from zero. commit, check. build, check. now i just need to pick a race and plan for it. i know that i don't want to start training for it in january - its cold and i want to celebrate turning 40. and i know i that i want to do it earlier in the year than later in the year. i'd also like to run it some place cool, with a moderate climate and more flat road than hills. i know the san francisco marathon is out unless something real crazy happens and i want to run a 2nd marathon.

it also aligns with my journey to benjamin button myself, so now i just need to pick a marathon to run.

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