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and maybe that's the point...

day 8.

i've been thinking a lot about the next 92 days. mostly random thoughts throughout the day along the lines of:

  • what am i going to write about today?

  • what is the best time for me to dedicate to writing?

  • why do i keep doing what i said i was not going to do (write at the end of the night)? perhaps that is the best time for me, after dinner but with enough room to where i don't forget about writing after laying down

  • what are some challenges within the challenge that i can impose upon myself to make this a bit more focused?

i could ramble on but i am starting to think that i need more of a focus for the next 92 days, especially if i'd like to give this thing a shot of going past the goal of 100 days.

i completed my 140th consecutive day of peloton and don't see any reason why i am not going to get to 150. and as i start to think about getting to 150, keeping it going until the end of the year doesn't seem all that crazy. and if i am going to get to the end of the year, making it to my 40th birthday seems like the right move.

to be completely honest, all of this started because i was feeling like it wasn't a good idea for me to continue tipping the scales at 228 pounds at the age of 39. i'm also not dreading 40 but i'd love to make it another 40 + 5 to 10 and i am not going to do that at a playing weight of 228. a 140 days and tweaking my diet without giving up the pleasures of life (wine, ice cream) has me flirting with the single digit 200's.

i'm trying to benjamin button myself. my hair has not started to grey. the beard a little bit of salt and pepper but shaving is an easy fix to that. i'm paying more attention to the things i eat not because i eat like shit but because there are certain things that don't work with me, like gluten. i'm also fairly certain that diary isn't that great for my biology but i do really love ice cream. so i've kicked gluten 99% of the time and am in denial about dairy but i am coming around.

i decided that the recipe for benjamin button'ing myself is, thus far - exercise, diet, take care of my mentals and chicken, be present, be positive and do things that i didn't or wasn't able to do when i was 30. as an example, i haven't run a marathon so i am thinking about that for 2022. i don't have a tattoo and don't really have a reason not to get one. i'd like to get to every continent and i may not bang out 3 continents next year but i can at least bang out 1. benjamin button myself and just live because you really only get to do it once and it always works itself out.

i've rambled. i sat down not wanting to write today because i didn't know what to write about, i didn't have a focus and maybe that is the point of all this. to just let it rip, which is also why i decided not to use any caps on day 1.

some random thoughts on the challenges within the challenge:

  • juice cleanse. i've done 3 days but maybe i'll give 4 a whip

  • no dairy for 30 days. just typing it feels hard and i'd for sure need to finish the ice cream in the freezer before that kicks off.

  • go out of my way to do something nice for someone for a week (i just thought of that now)

let's see where this goes tomorrow...

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