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checking in on one hundo

ok, so here's the thing - the big life lesson in all of this right now is that the outcomes you are driving toward is what counts. as long as you don't break glass, in a bad way, on the path you take to get there. and that is what i am telling myself for falling so far behind on my 100 consecutive days, self-inflicted challenge of mine.

the outcome remains the same (kinda) - 100 blog posts in 100 days but with this one the flexibility is yuge to get there. especially when after just a week into it, life threw me a team event in st. helena, a bunch of chores, a 24 hour+ atmospheric river, some serious flooding, 50 sandbags, over a 1k pounds of sand, and a sore neck. i'm a man, i'm forty (almost).

and that's how it is going to happen, maximum flexibility, some focus, some inspiration and getting to 100 in 100 is the outcome i'm heading toward. in related news, after today i am at 147 consecutive days of peloton

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