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day 2. 11.42pm

it is past 11pm and i just got out of bed after realizing that i did not take the time to write today. one day in and i was almost out. it is obvious that at least one requirement i need to set for myself is to set time and probably the same time every day to keep this thing on the rails for the next 98 days.

but i thought about writing a lot today, mostly thoughts about themes and topics. themes and topics to run towards and the ones to run away from. i thought a lot about why i decided to delete twitter from my phone two weeks ago, again. this time around it just felt way to negative, red vs. blue, us vs. them and just a bunch of information thrown at me that just started to make me feel like i was wasting brain cells. i love to know what is going on in the world, country, pop-culture, state, community, all of it. i'm realizing i don't like the news- whether it is being delivered to me by twitter or the networks. so i am going to go back to back to focusing more on how i get the news vs. how the news gets to me.

and as for themes and topics to write about that will take up a good chunk, if not all of the next 98 days, the topics will vary but believe focusing on positivity, being positive, something positive as the theme will be beneficial. i'm not sure what the exact benefits will be but do know it will be a lot healthier than the opposite. i've heard of gratitude journals, writing down the things you are thankful for, how important it is to write down your goals (goals should, in theory, always be positive, right?), therapeutic effects of journaling - so maybe all of this is headed toward a little splash of all the above.

now it's time for bed and to find a time earlier in the day tomorrow...

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