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the purest addiction

there isn't a shortage of research making the case that social media is addictive. i've felt it and am sure most people have. at the end of july i went on a 2 day pack trip out of kennedy meadows completely removed from the option to be connected to anything but myself, the people i was with and nature. the only purpose my iphone served was for time and light. and it didn't take long before time didn't matter and the only important light was from the campfire.

an hour drive from twain harte and another 4 hours by horseback to camp, mother nature was my dealer and i couldn't get enough. a torrential downpour complete with thunder and lightning touching the ground around us that soaked our camp, left us scrambling to set up camp, and most important for our survival, or at least making 2 days in the wilderness enjoyable, getting a fire started gave the feeling of being disconnected an added kick.

i've been "off the grid" before but have found that in today's time being "off the grid" just means you will be looking or stumbling upon slow hotel, coffeeshop or bar for wifi or clinging to one bar. those options don't exist in the wilderness. it is amazing to notice the moments you go back to your phone looking for something and the feeling you get when you realize how quickly there isn't anything in that device waiting for you. 2 days wasn't enough. i needed more, i need more. i'm hooked. i cannot wait until next summer where i plan to turn 2 days into 5, some place in the wilderness where it is just me, my friends (& family), and mother nature to tap into the cleanest addiction the world has to offer.

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