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today was a good day

today was a good day. it wasn't a good day because of the barolo, baby back ribs or improving upon the recipe for the potato pave from thomas keller's cook book, ad hoc at home.

eh, actually, all of those things contributed to the day but without them the feeling is the same. despite a shitty night sleep and poor readiness score from my oura ring, i felt like i came out on top. ace and i crushed a 4 mile walk/hike through the lafayette rez, followed by some minor yard maintenance, ace training and some great, albeit inherited, friends over for dinner tonight along with a surprise appearance from a friend with fomo.

we made the 'quarantine menu,' that included my sous vide + bbq baby back ribs, baked kale salad thing (erin) and the freshly introduced potato pave with cheese. paired perfectly with a couple barolo's from giacomo fenncochio.

today was a good day because of the staples - great food, wine, friends and getting the body moving.

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