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world series dreams

day 6

i was surprised that i did not see any mention of today being the 32nd anniversary of the 6.9 loma prieta earthquake. it wasn't until i sat down to hack out a few words before back and typed in today's day, october 17th that it came back to me. i was 7 years old and remember the day, or at least that early evening well.

at that point in my life, i love everything baseball - playing, watching, the a's and keeping score. when i would attend a's games with my grandfather, our seats where in the wheelchair section and he had a friend named gill that always looked out for me. gill was a great guy, ww2 vet and believe he was unable to walk because of polio. gill used to keep score at every game and taught me the ways. by october 17, 1989 i was keeping score at games i'd attend and the games i'd watch on tv.

i was sitting on the couch with the lineups filled in and glued to the tv. and at 5:04pm, the credenza that housed the tv along with the walls of our house began to visibly move. our kitchen was in the process of being remodeled and remember the new countertop had not been secured. i sat on the couch watching the walls move, my dad hold on to the countertop, eventually seeing the tv gray out, and my world series dreams put on hold for the night.

the a's ended up beating the giants in the legendary battle of the bay series with a clean 4-0 sweep. and while the a's would return to the world series the following year only to get swept by the cinncinati reds, my world series dream for the a's to return continues to be on hold.

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